2 Engagement Studio Programs to Implement Now

by Sophie Daniline - January 16, 2019
2 Engagement Studio Programs to Implement Now

There are practically limitless ways you can use Engagement Studio to connect with your customers. Here are my top two uses for Engagement Studio: 

1. Welcome Program

Your welcome journey defines your customers first set of interactions with your brand. Communications at this stage are critical for setting expectations, and making sure you start the relationship on the right foot.

With welcome emails generally having the highest open rates, it’s definitely not a step you want to miss out on.

You can use the high interaction levels as an opportunity to compel your subscriber into acting right away, be that downloading a white paper, leaving a review or making a purchase.

Key things to think about with your welcome program are:

Setting expectations: How often will you contact them? What types of communications can they look forward to?

Introduce the brand: Keep your email branding consistent with your website. Explain what you do and why it’s of benefit to them.

A great example: IMPACT

IMPACT welcome email

This is a good example for a few reasons:

  • It delivers the promised content (the ‘lead magnet’)
  • People connect to people, and this email introduces the people behind IMPACT in the blogger section
  • It helps subscribers figure out if IMPACT is for them with a helpful and engaging video
  • The call to action is clear ‘schedule a free consultation’. This allows anyone ready to convert the chance to do it now

2. Re-engagement Program

As fantastic as your company’s offerings may be,  some of your customers will eventually drop off and stop engaging with your emails. List churn, to some extent, is normal, but it may also be time to look at re-engaging these customers.

These subscribers may have stopped engaging with your emails or perhaps they never engaged with them in the first place, either way a re-engagement campaign is your friend.

The key idea behind these types of campaigns are that you are trying to spark your subscriber into engaging with your content. Many companies choose to offer something e.g. discount or freebie to try and encourage the action.

Key things to think about with your re-engagement program are:

Why?: Why are you sending this? What action are you trying to encourage? All of your messaging should be geared towards achieving the outcome you want.

Know when to let go: At some point, you’re going to have to accept that a subscriber is not interested, and purge them from your list. Purging can save you money, as you’re paying to have subscribers who you will never earn money from.

Show your value: To truly re-activate an inactive subscriber, you need to demonstrate the worth of your offering.

A great example: Uber Eats

Uber eats

This is a great example for a few reasons:

  • The email provides incentive for customers to get re-involved
  • It reminds customers what the benefits of using the service are
  • It demonstrates how easy it is to use
  • The branding is super clear as is the call to action

If you want to keep up to date with Engagement Studio and all it has to offer, you can check out the Winter ’19 updates here.

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