Building Your Brand From the Inside Out

by Sarah Kelleher - May 05, 2017
Building Your Brand From the Inside Out

Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time at Salesforce Tower in London and it’s really got me thinking about the importance of internal marketing and employee engagement. If anyone knows how to do this, it’s Salesforce.

Everything from the branded cushions in reception to Salesforce mobile sticker apps to the name of the building itself tells the company story. A huge amount of work, effort and money goes into to building a huge, global community that is so much more than a suite of cloud SaaS products.

So why do brands spend so much time on internal marketing? It’s not a direct revenue generator, sure. But this all ties in to the rise of wellbeing at work and the idea that a happy, healthy employee who sees purpose and enjoyment from their role is more productive.

Establishing a common goal for every employee to work towards also helps to reduce dreaded internal politics. A political atmosphere in the workplace can be crippling and toxic, with a huge amount of time and resource wasted on unnecessary meetings and power struggles, not to mention the potentially detrimental consequences on employees’ health.

By building your brand from the inside out and getting employees to feel excited about and proud of your company, delivering a great customer experience becomes a much less daunting task. It’s much easier to sell, service and develop a product that you really believe in.

The nature of an internal marketing strategy will hugely depend on the type of organisation and workforce. Of course, not every business can dedicate as much budget and resource to employee engagement as Salesforce do. For now, I’ll enjoy my tea from my Nebula mug and feel proud to be part of such a great team and company.

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