Pardot Tracker Domains… What’s New?

by Sophie Daniline - September 26, 2019
Pardot Tracker Domains… What’s New?

Pardot Tracker Domains have been around for a while, but with the August ’19 release, there’s something new which will make the lives of anyone managing multiple brands from one Pardot instance infinitely easier.

What’s a Tracker Domain?

Tracker domains are also known as CNAME (Canonical name), or vanity URL in the Pardot world. They enable you to mask your Pardot hosted content (pages, form or assets) with a branded URL, which gives your visitors a seamless transition between pages you host and your Pardot assets.

You can set up Tracker Domains in the Admin > Domain Management area of your Pardot instance. You can follow these instructions to get going.

Tracker domain

It has always been possible to set up multiple Tracker Domains. However, until the August ’19 release, Pardot would automatically use your selected Primary Tracker Domain for all your assets. This has been problematic for anyone trying to use Pardot to manage multiple brands. The switch to another Tracker Domain was a painfully manual process and a nightmare to do for all your assets.

What’s new?

Now, you can select which Tracker Domain you want to use each time you create an asset.

Tracker domain drop down

The manual days are over!

If you want any help setting up your Tracker Domains, please get in touch.

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