The Pardot August Release With Inspiring Features

by Dorottya Dvorak - August 22, 2019
The Pardot August Release With Inspiring Features

The Pardot August Release brings us three exciting new features that we have been waiting a long time for. They will soon become available for all Pardot customers, and are expected to be released between 21st and 30th August.

Multiple Tracker Domains

Companies who own separate brands or operate on a regional level often ask us to set up multiple tracker domains on their Pardot org. Although the setup has been possible previously, with this new Pardot feature brand new possibilities are coming our way.

As a result of the Pardot August release, we can actually select the vanity url on the following Pardot assets:

  • Pardot August ReleaseEmail templates
  • Landing pages
  • Forms
  • Email preference centre
  • Custom redirects
  • Files

Start building your customers trust and check out this feature now.


New Merge Language

Salesforce continue to integrate Pardot features with their main platforms, as variable tags will be replaced with the Salesforce Merge Language (HML). With this change your Pardot and Salesforce become more standardised, aligning your marketing and sales activities.

Be aware that this is an optional upgrade which can’t be undone. If you are interested, get in touch with us to help you convert all your PML assets.

In addition, future improvements will introduce custom object data in Pardot emails – how exciting!


Engagement Studio: Complex Rule Criteria

Pardot August Release

Complex rule criteria in Engagement Studio is a feature that has been highly anticipated amongst Pardot users. Soon any rule could include multiple criteria in your nurture program – with up to five conditions on each step.

Similar to Dynamic List rule groups, you need to define whether all or any conditions should be met. For instance, you can actually include multiple values of one field, or a mixture of certain defining criteria.

Introducing this improvement in your campaigns will have multiple benefits. Firstly, your program logic will become less complicated. Secondly, you could segment your audience further by grouping multiple criteria under one rule. And thirdly, you will be able to report on your program more easily.

If this sounds too good to be true, go to Pardot and see an example of the Complex Rule criteria.


Further New Features

These are my favourite new features brought by the Pardot August release. In addition, take a look at the official release notes to see the 5 further new improvements that can affect your Pardot campaigns.


Did you know?

The majority of the announced features of the Pardot August release were inspired by Trailblazers at IdeaExchange. Take a look at Sarah’s post on how IdeaExchange can make a difference, and become a Trailblazer yourself!

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