Leverage Pardot for OnDemand Webinars

by Dorottya Dvorak - April 22, 2020
Leverage Pardot for OnDemand Webinars

Webinars have become a popular topic with our customers recently as it is a great way to stay in touch with prospects. I am sure that’s the same with you, but have you thought of using Pardot for OnDemand webinars as well?

As you have finished promoting and running the live webinar, it makes sense to use the recording of this for another lead generation opportunity.
Let’s see what you would need in Pardot for OnDemand webinars…


Recording Page

Take the recorded webinar session and upload it to a video hosting platform. Create a simple landing page in Pardot where you can embed your video’s code – this will be your recording page.



Set up a new Pardot form and add the recording page as the destination url. Don’t forget about the completion actions that you’d like to fire: sending an autoresponder email or connecting to a CRM campaign.


Landing Page

When it comes to placing your gated form on a landing page we recommend two options:

1. You can re-use your live webinar registration page to remain consistent with the webinar flow. It is really important that you add the newly created form and change the destination url as well. Make sure that any mention to a live webinar is removed, and the page copy is up to date.

2. Create a completely new landing page to separate the submissions to the OnDemand session. Get inspired by the live webinar registration page copy or include something new – this should be aligned to your strategy.

No matter which approach you select, we advise to keep the live webinar page url in use. If you decided to create a new page, remove it from the original live page and then add it to the OnDemand landing page.

As a result, your prospects will experience a seamless journey and all your previous promotions will contribute to your campaign’s success.


Want to learn more about webinar management?

Master your Webinars with PardotYou are in luck, because we have supported our customers with hundreds of webinars managed by Pardot.

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