Dynamic Lists & Salesforce Campaigns Discrepancies

by Sophie Daniline - January 25, 2021
Dynamic Lists & Salesforce Campaigns Discrepancies

One of the great things about the Pardot/Salesforce connector is the flow of data. We can utilise this to pull in prospects from Salesforce Campaigns into our Dynamic Lists in Pardot, but what happens when something doesn’t look right? I’m here to show you what to look out for, and talk about what might have gone wrong!

Scenario 1: Dynamic Lists & Salesforce Campaigns numbers don’t add up

You created a Dynamic List to report on the number of prospects in a Salesforce Campaign. Immediately, you can see the numbers do not add up, as there are more prospects in the Salesforce Campaign than in your Dynamic List.

What could be the problem?

There are several things I’d check first here:

  1. Check the recycling bin, because the prospects may be in Pardot but have been deleted, which means they won’t be pulled into your Dynamic list.
  2. The prospects haven’t synced across because they are in the sync error queue. You can find out more about those here.
  3. The leads and contacts cannot be seen by the connector user and thus cannot be created as prospects in Pardot. You can check by going into your Connector settings (Pardot Settings > Connectors / Administration > Connectors), and looking for this message: errorYou can resolve this by speaking to your Salesforce admin, and asking them to apply the expected permissions.
  4. Do all of the leads and contacts in your Salesforce Campaign have an email address? Without this, they won’t be able to sync with Pardot.

Scenario 2: The timing is off

You created a Dynamic List that checks for all prospects in a Salesforce Campaign. Then you set up a list email send using that Dynamic List. But when it sends, not all the prospects in your campaign received the email.

What could be the problem?

As well as checking all the points in scenario 1, you may also be encountering an issue with timing.

Here, I would check if the missing prospects were in the Salesforce Campaign at the time the list email was sent. This is a key one, as the email will only have been sent to the prospects on the list at the time of send, not at the time of schedule. This means if you add the prospects too late or remove them before the send, they won’t receive the email. You can check the timings in the prospects audit.


While these points should help resolve your issue, these are the types of scenarios where it can really help to have a Pardot expert behind you. A Pardot consultant will to be able to troubleshoot these problems for you. They will also help you understand why it has happened.

If you want some help running your Pardot account or campaigns, get in touch with us here.

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