Automate Prospects Nurture from Salesforce

by Dorottya Dvorak - June 19, 2020
Automate Prospects Nurture from Salesforce

We have been excited about the Pardot Summer ’20 Release since the initial announcements. On a recent Pardot webinar we got the chance to see a new feature in action, with which you can automate prospects nurture from Salesforce directly. It will work through an ‘Add to Engagement Studio list’ action button and will be available in July.

When should you use it?

I would recommend leveraging this functionality for ongoing programs, that are targeting easily describable audiences. See a couple of examples below:

  • Lead Nurture: If your leads are not ready for purchase yet, and they need to be educated about your services.
  • Reactivation: When your existing contacts haven’t been in touch for a while, and you want to make sure they are up to date with your services.
  • Upgrading services: In case there is an opportunity to offer a new solution to your selected contacts.


Is there anything to consider?

With any new features, there are a few things you need to consider before configuration:

  • Nurture from SalesforceOnly static lists can be populated via this solution, as dynamic lists work based on specified criteria.
  • The list has to be set to CRM visible to appear in this selection. That can be enabled in Pardot in the list setup window.
  • You have to add the prepared list to an Engagement Studio program in order to select the list. Make sure you set your list in the program first.
  • In case you have any folder restrictions set, review if the sales users have access. Consider creating a dedicated folder for this purpose.

It is the Marketing users’ responsibility to control which lists are visible in this feature. Ensure your users know when to create CRM visible static lists that are added to the relevant Engagement Studio programs.


How to configure and use this functionality

The Add to Engagement Studio List button can be added to the Lead / Contact records or to their List View pages. Ask your Salesforce admin to add this button to those page layouts.

Once the configuration is set, don’t forget to educate your sales users of this functionality. Make sure that they understand:

  • Nurture from SalesforceWhat happens if they add any leads or contacts to these lists.
  • How the naming convention is set for your lists and Engagement Studio programs.
  • What an Engagement Studio program is.
  • Who should be added to each program.


You can read more about the essential steps on the official release notes from Salesforce.

As a team of Salesforce and Pardot experts, we can help you getting it set up securely and educate your users, you just need to get in touch.

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