Let’s Get Excited about the Pardot Summer ’20 Release

by Dorottya Dvorak - June 03, 2020
Let’s Get Excited about the Pardot Summer ’20 Release

With the Pardot Summer ’20 Release we are getting one step closer to a perfect Pardot <> Salesforce alignment. In this release there are many great new features to look forward to, here are the ones I am most excited about.

1. Upgrade to Salesforce-Pardot Connector v2

We all heard about how easy it is to use the v2 connector, but weren’t able to benefit from all of those functionalities. You will no longer require a dedicated Salesforce licence, as a standard integration user will take care of the connection.

Not sure whether your Pardot is using the v1 or the v2 connector? If your Pardot was implemented more than a year ago, it is likely you are on the v1 connector. Ask your Salesforce admin to check if the connector user is set with a Standard user licence in Salesforce.

2. Manage Pardot Users with Salesforce

User sync has been available since 2018 but with this release it will be easier to manage your users. After enabling this feature all your user management tasks will be managed from Salesforce Setup.

3. Add to Prospect Lists and Engagement Studio Programs from Records and List Views

At the moment CRM visible lists are populated with campaign members from the Campaign record itself. With this feature, you won’t need to add members to campaigns just to include them in Pardot lists. All you need to do is ask your Salesforce admin to add the ‘Add to Pardot Lists’ button to the page layouts.

4. See Engagement Data on Opportunity Records

So far you were able to display Engagement History dashboards on Campaign, Account, Lead and Contact records. However, some of my customers have asked, “what about Opportunity records?!”. Well, after this roll-out that will be possible as well, displaying a list of recent activity by related contacts and activities by campaign.

5. Follow the Path to Easier B2B Marketing Analytics Setup

I remember the first time I configured B2B MA for one of my customers – it wasn’t the easiest setup I have done. It seems like I wasn’t the only person struggling to find the relevant instructions in the help articles. The Pardot Summer ’20 Release will introduce a clear path towards a successful integration, right in your Salesforce instance.


We expect these features to be rolled out over the next couple of months – in order to stay up to date, don’t forget to sign up to our Pardot Insights.

And in case you want to learn more about all the new functionalities included in the Pardot Summer ’20 Release, take a look at the official release notes.

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