What is Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics?

by Nicola Hodd - December 07, 2016
What is Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics?

Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics enables you to easily analyse your data from both Pardot and Salesforce so you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and their impact on sales revenue. Put simply, it allows you to take credit for all that hard work you put in!

We’ve been taking a look what’s on offer and although there is a whole lot of additional functionality to come, it already has some great features:

The combination of both Sales & Marketing data

Wave for B2B Marketing enables you to combine both marketing data from Pardot and sales data from Salesforce, which means you can report on campaign metrics alongside opportunities and revenue. It allows you to measure the effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns quickly and easily whilst delving further into the results to find out why it worked.

Visual reporting

However you choose to slice the data, the results are quickly presented to you in graphs or charts that you can customise and filter to your requirements. You can then save your report to access it easily again in the future or save it within a dashboard to bring a number of reports together.

Ready-made reports & dashboards

To make it easy for you, Pardot have already created ready-to-use reports and dashboards that can be used for sales pipeline reporting, high-level marketing reports and more detailed engagement metrics for specific marketing assets.

The ability to share and discuss

Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics also makes it easy for you to share your reports and dashboards through shared access folders, links, via chatter and include your graphs & charts within presentations.

Customising your own reports & dashboards

You can also build your own reports and dashboards to suit your requirements. This means you can build reports for different stakeholders across your business, for different regions or products and as detailed or high-level as each group needs.

Bring in additional sources of data

Not only can you report on both Pardot and Salesforce data, but you can also bring in additional sources of data from Excel spreadsheets or other systems in order to gain insight and combine data that usually sits in silos.

Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics is available for Pro and Ultimate editions of Pardot and you can find out more about it from Salesforce here. Read our next blog to find out Why data-driven marketing is the only way forward!

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