Spring’21 Pardot Release Summary

by Zoe Fisher - January 07, 2021
Spring’21 Pardot Release Summary

Here at Nebula we are very excited about the upcoming Spring’21 Pardot release. So we’ve outlined a quick summary because we want you to be just as excited for this release as we are!

Releases for Pardot Classic and Pardot in Lightning

Protect Prospect Activity Data with First-Party Tracking
Pardot’s first-party tracking is now generally available after a successful Beta testing. First-party tracking helps prevent the loss of prospect activity data. It gives you more flexibility with campaign attribution, and blocks traffic that doesn’t come from your domains. In order to protect consumer privacy, web browsers are moving away from supporting third-party cookies to track activity across assets and domains.

Pardot API
The generally available version 5 of the Pardot API offers new endpoints to marketers. This means you can now manage custom redirects and import your own external landing page templates and files into Pardot, for instance. Several fields have been added and updated for bulk exports. In addition, the Opt-in and Do Not Email fields are now editable.

*ACTION REQUIRED* Pardot User Authentication is being retired
Make sure you switch to SSO before February 15th to ensure your users can still access Pardot. Find out more.

Log in via SFSecure Webex webinars
Update your connector’s authorisation method and make sure you verify your Webex connector. 

Two-click unsubscribe
In order to prevent email security scanners automatically unsubscribing your prospects, this feature allows you to have a prompt page. This is a second step confirmation before a prospect is unsubscribed. It is a great new feature for those who previously used custom preference pages for this solution. Learn more.

Two-click unsubscribe

Releases for Pardot in Lightning

Salesforce Configuration

Marketing Setup

Access the Pardot Setup Assistant from the New Salesforce Marketing Setup App
Handy placement of the marketing setup app to easily navigate to Pardot Setup in Salesforce.

Copy Campaigns
Quickly cloning campaigns with related assets including *drumroll* campaign member statuses! You’ll be able to clone your campaign, including the related records: campaign member status, landing page, marketing form, marketing link and snippet assignment.

Track Accounts as campaign members
You can now add Account records to campaigns as members to enhance your ABM. This is a great feature which we can’t wait to try out. 


Business Units

Business Unit name in Pardot Account Setup
Previously your Company name in Pardot Account setup could be different to the name of the Business Unit. If this is the case for you, make sure the Company name is updated with the preferred name for your Business Unit.

Sync Prospects Safely With Cross-Business Unit Leads and Contacts
This is a new setting on the Salesforce-Pardot connector. It stops Pardot package fields from syncing to lead and contact records in Salesforce. Use this setting as part of a custom setup to sync prospects from different Pardot business units to a single lead or contact in Salesforce. There’s no need to maintain duplicate lead or contact records. Salesforce recommends working with a Partner – get in touch with us if you’re interested in setting this up.

Organise campaigns by Business Unit
Easily source a campaign by filtering based on your business units. It doesn’t matter which BU you are signed into. In any case, you’ll still be able to easily navigate to the campaign you need based on BU. 


Pardot Email Builder in Lightning Experience

Read more about it in our blog series.

Analyse email content performance using custom reports
Create a custom report type with Email Content as the primary object. This allows you to report on the emails you send via the new Email Builder in Salesforce.

Email Content Report Type

Clone email content to create a copy of an email to save time
This will copy the email content name, template and HTML content.

Specify a link for completion actions
This can be done in the same way you do it with standard Pardot list emails. You can now use this feature on Pardot Email Content too.

Add alternate reply-to and email senders to Pardot emails
You can add up to five senders and reply-to users to be used in priority order. In addition, you can configure dynamic sender profiles now, such as assigned user or account owner.

Add Multiple Senders PEBLE

Mailable Prospects preview
Now that you can view the number of mailable prospects when setting the sending details of your email content, you’ll know exactly how many prospects will receive your email.


Releases for B2B Marketing Analytics

Sync Custom Fields in Pardot Object Sync (Beta)
Standard and custom fields are available as a single Prospect dataset in this Beta release. In addition, you can choose which custom fields you want to bring into Tableau CRM.

Einstein Behavior Scoring Added to Analytics Setup
The Einstein Behavior Scoring setup page helps you to use the two platforms together. It sends you to Analytics Studio. Here you can create an app and enable your Behavior Scoring Dashboard. Already using B2B Marketing Analytics dashboards? Reconfigure the app to include the optional Einstein Behavior Scoring dashboard.

Einstein Behiour Scoring added to Setup

Trust Attribution with Lead IDs
The lead ID field is now available on standard and custom reports. Also in the Data-Driven Model inside B2B Marketing Analytics. With this you can better understand the relationship between campaigns and opportunities.

Exclude Archived Prospects from Datasets
Choose whether to include or exclude archived prospects in your datasets in Analytics Studio. This Pardot account-level setting applies to all apps in B2B Marketing Analytics and B2B Marketing Analytics Plus.


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