Introducing: GetFeedback for Pardot

by Linda Forsstrom Torres - June 13, 2018
Introducing: GetFeedback for Pardot

This Thursday’s newsletter will give you Pardot insights on the importance of customers journeys and how you can use your Engagement Studio for this. The customer is one of our core element for most of us. It is therefore important to understand them throughout their journeys. We realise more and more that creating the right nurture path and a personalised customer experience are key elements for not only our marketing strategies but for the business as a whole.

Pardot has now introduced a way for you to have a two-way conversation with prospects, which will help you knowing what customers wants at all time during their journey.

Follow the link below to read how ‘GetFeedback for Pardot’ works in three easy steps.


Why wait until after the purchase is complete to request feedback? The value of feedback can play a huge role during the lead generation and nurture phases, in order to help marketers fully understand the audiences they’re trying to reach. The goal should be to provide an engaging customer experience throughout the customer’s entire journey — from initial contact and beyond.


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