Introducing Enhanced Engagement History for Pardot

by Kyle Blacker - February 02, 2022
Introducing Enhanced Engagement History for Pardot

Here at Nebula we are excited to announce that we have launched our first Salesforce app on the AppExchange! Our partnership with Salesforce and Pardot continues to grow with the release of Enhanced Engagement History for Pardot.

Watch the video below or continue reading to find out more…

Those of you using multiple Pardot Business Units may know that the standard Engagement History component only displays activities from one Business Unit at a time. In addition, you only see activities from the Business Unit you’re logged into, even if the Lead / Contact record is synced with a Pardot Prospect in a different Business Unit. This causes Salesforce and Pardot admins real headaches when it comes to permissions and visibility. Not to mention, only showing sales and marketing users half the picture when it comes to how their Leads and Contacts are engaging with marketing content.

What is Enhanced Engagement History?

Enhanced Engagement History Business Unit Visibility
Enhanced Engagement History showing Prospect activities across multiple Business Units.

Enhanced Engagement History is a marketing insight solution for Pardot customers. This Salesforce App, developed by the amazing team of developers at Nebula, allows Salesforce users to get a full 360 view of a Prospect’s Engagement History from all Pardot Business Units, directly on the Lead or Contact record in Salesforce. They may also filter the engagement history to see a single BU at a time. The user sees this information via a Lightning Web Component (LWC) that can be added to the Lead, Contact, Person Account, or custom object page in Salesforce Lightning.

Enhanced Engagement History - Instant Email Preview
View emails sent without leaving the Salesforce record with the built in Instant Email Preview.

Enhanced Engagement History uses the Pardot API to find and display data. This means that activities are shown in real-time. The app also features Instant Email Preview which allows users to see the content of emails sent to Prospects in a pop-up window, without leaving the page in Salesforce.

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