Capture New Leads With a Video Platform

by Dorottya Dvorak - June 20, 2019
Capture New Leads With a Video Platform

How-to videos, webinars and podcasts are today’s most effective tools to share your knowledge and expertise with your audience. So why not include them in your lead generation strategy? Check out a new way to generate new leads with a video platform, Buto.

Buto is an intelligent video platform I came across recently, hosting videos with interactive actions and insightful analytics. And it even works with marketing automation platforms such as Eloqua, Marketo and my personal favourite, Pardot.

The Benefits

With the two systems connected, Pardot knows who accessed your video content, whether they are new leads or existing contacts. You can use that information to adjust their scores accordingly and send them targeted autoresponder emails with automation rules. Want to know what else is possible with automation rules? Read Sophie’s article.


The Setup

The integration is quite straight forward with the setup taking place in Buto as well as in Pardot. Your Pardot Admin will need to work on the followings:

  • A new Pardot user for the API
  • Integration setup in Buto (which will create¬†3 new custom fields in Pardot)
  • 1 Form Handler (this will be used to send data into your Pardot account)
  • 1 Form (used for prospects identification)

In order to see the step-by-step instructions, take a look at Buto’s documentation.


The Process

Once you have finished the integration your Pardot and Buto accounts will be able to share information. The video content can only be accessed once the new prospects submit the form that overlays on the player. Upon submission, Buto will identify the prospects based on their email address, and will feed that information back to Pardot. Known prospects will not see that form, but their activity will be gathered in Pardot.


Are you intrigued to know more? Then get in touch with us for further information or book a demo with Buto.

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