Auto-Populate Address in Pardot Forms

by Jeena Jeeva - August 10, 2020
Auto-Populate Address in Pardot Forms

Ever wondered if there is a way to auto-populate prospect address information on your Pardot forms?  Continue reading to find out how you can help your prospects experience while collecting their address in Pardot.

As you are probably aware there is no native feature in Pardot forms to be able auto-populate address fields. We have however managed to find a solution that can do just this using API integration.

The system is called: getAddress(), and it offers different monthly/yearly plans depending upon your needs.

How does it work?

This solution uses an API key to pull address information based on a UK postcode.

Once prospects enter their postcode, they have the option to select an address from a dropdown list. From that selection, the address fields on the form will be auto-populated. It is that simple!


Key Benefits

Having this feature could improve your prospect’s experience, as they will not need to manually input their address information.

Also auto-populating the address fields could help to keep your data clean and consistent within Pardot. It will reduce the number of spelling mistakes, while making it possible to include address fields in your segmentation. And of course, as your data is synced to Salesforce, you’d actually be helping your sales team as well.


Integrating systems

In order to set this up with Pardot you need have coding knowledge! To be able to integrate the systems using API, you need to place JavaScript and specific code on your forms – which can confuse the most of us.

Luckily we have our experienced Salesforce developers who are able to help. They have already set up this integration for several of our clients, who have been enjoying this solution ever since.

If this is something you would be interested in implementing, please contact us today.

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