Slack for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

by Zoe Fisher - June 07, 2022
Slack for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

I recently found out the name Slack is an acronym for “Searchable Log of all Conversations and Knowledge”. We can now add that it is also a log of won opportunities, marketing engagements and new cases. Slack is expanding its – very impressive – list of integrations to further enable productivity for Salesforce. Read on to find out the latest on Account Engagement (Pardot).

Slack and Salesforce

Since Salesforce acquired Slack, we’ve been on the edge of our seats for new integrations and productivity features. In April, Slack announced that it was releasing new Salesforce tools to accelerate performance. These new tools empower Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud users. Let’s take a look at the Marketing Cloud enhancements.

Pardot Slack Integration – Beta

You may remember from the Winter’22 Release that you could opt into the Slack App (Beta) for Account Engagement. This involved creating a custom Slack App for Salesforce. Once added, you could use the completion action ‘Notify Slack Channel’, to send a customised message to the channel of your choosing:

Slack channel notification

In the Summer’22 Release, we are getting a new Slack App. With some enhanced features too!

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Slack App: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

You’ll need your Slack Workspace Admin, Salesforce Administrator and a Pardot Administrator to get this set up:

  • First, you’ll need to install the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement App from the Slack app directory.
  • Next, your Salesforce Admin can enable Slack for Salesforce. This step was not required for the Beta version so make sure this isn’t missed out!
  • Then, your Pardot Administrator will be able to set up the Slack connector in Pardot settings.

Find the full details here.

Ideas for using Slack Notifications

The Notify Slack Channel completion action is available on forms, form handlers, file downloads, custom redirects, page actions and list emails (classic and lightning). You can connect one workspace per Pardot account and link up to 10 Slack channels. Here are some use cases I’ve thought of so far:

  • Inbound Enquiries – using the notification for your contact us forms is a great way to notify all relevant users at once. Slack users can take advantage of reactions and reply in threads to collaborate on follow-ups.
  • Account-Based Marketing – create a Slack channel for ‘Key Accounts’ and use the notifications on your ABM assets to track the engagement of your most valuable customers.
  • Event Notifications – Use channels for your events team so that when a registration form is complete there is a notification. This could be useful to monitor if your competitors or internal team are submitting forms meant for customers and prospects only. Alternatively on a CTA in your email, if a prospect clicks on ‘Requests menu and allergens information’ ahead of an event, notify the events team to follow up with the prospect. and share the information.
  • Surveys & NPS – Get notified of prospects responding to surveys from Pardot in a customer success channel.

These are just a few ideas of how to leverage this new integration for improved visibility and productivity across teams.

If you’d like support with integrating Account Engagement to third-party tools such as Slack, get in touch to speak to one of our experts today.

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