MC Account Engagement (Pardot)

Advanced Marketing Automation from Salesforce makes it easy for you to create dynamic customer journeys, unified through marketing and sales.

Connect with your audience in the right way, at the right time and use powerful insights to bring your marketing strategy to life.

Get the most out of marketing automation with Pardot

Attract and nurture leads with personalised, targeted journeys and adapt quickly with intelligent campaign performance insights. Start with the right building blocks to ensure you get the most out of your marketing automation strategy.

Powerful lead capture and routing

Efficient implementations

Seamless integrations

Sales and marketing alignment

Expert user training

Flexible long-term support

Pardot implementation

Our Pardot implementation packages are designed to help you with the technical aspects of the implementation and get your team leveraging the power of market automation as quickly as possible.


an introduction to all the standard features, guiding you through the technical set up and creation of your first campaign.

Typical timeframe:
30 Days


our most popular package, we’ll do the set up for you and provide insight on the more advanced features of Pardot.

Typical timeframe:
60 Days


for more complex scenarios, we’ll help you plan, create and execute your campaigns whilst formulating your strategy.

Typical timeframe:

Get started with with Pardot

With you every step of the way

We’ve been delivering implementations since Pardot joined the Salesforce ecosystem, and we’ve continually refined the process to ensure that it’s as smooth and efficient as possible.

Along the way, we’ll get to know your business and what you’re looking to achieve with Pardot, giving you the confidence to drive your own campaigns in the future.

Pardot Training

Pardot is a powerful tool, but only when used properly. Proper training is the secret to mastering the technology and ensuring an excellent return on your investment

Learn how to use Pardot

Get to know all the features of Pardot and start using them straight away.

Attend public, in-house or virtually

Join a training day or we can deliver a customised training agenda for you.

Upskill your marketing team

Empower your team to make great use of Pardot for better marketing.

Achieve maximum ROI

Get the most out of the system and realise a substantial return.

These courses are open to everyone, whether you’re new to Pardot or not. Our training really works too – with overall feedback scores of 9.5/10, that’s a given.

The Nebula difference

First and foremost, we are proven marketing and business professionals. We adapt our approach to meet your needs, taking the time to find out exactly what you are trying to achieve, and making sure you get there.

Our in-depth knowledge of the full range of tools available on the Salesforce platform sets us apart. That means you can be certain that your Pardot set up will fully integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud – ensuring you have all you need to find, win and keep customers.

Who we are

Advanced Pardot support

We offer a wide range of support, from an initial health check to in-depth, long-term assistance. It's the ideal way to get the best return on your investment and ensure you make best use of Pardot's rich marketing automation capabilities. As marketing experts ourselves, we can help you to develop and fine-tune your customer journeys, ensuring consistency of branding, messaging and delivery. Clear, detailed reporting means you'll also be able to see the difference in results over time.

Get in touch

With our marketing and technical expertise, training and support, we can help you get started with Pardot. To see how we can help you achieve your business objectives and realise the power of marketing automation, get in touch with our team of experts.