What You Should Know About Repeatable Engagement Programs

by Lauren Madley - January 09, 2024
What You Should Know About Repeatable Engagement Programs

An Engagement Studio program is a powerful tool that can help automate your marketing in Account Engagement. These programs can be used for many cases but be cautious before you start building yours. 

The functionality to repeat a program has been out for quite some time now so may already be something you’re already using. However, it’s always good practice to review functionality to make sure you’re utilising it in the best way possible. 


So let’s take a look at the benefits and limitations of the feature…


What are the benefits of repeatable engagement programs?

  • Allowing prospects to go through the Engagement Programme more than once means you get to interact with them for a much longer period of time. 
  • The repeat functionality will allow you to engage with prospects that perhaps didn’t convert the first time around, almost giving them a second (or third) chance. 
  • Before this option became available we’d see existing programs copied so that when prospects reached the end step they’d go through the next program. Using the repeatable feature prevents duplicate assets.

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What are the limitations of repeatable engagement programs?

  • It’s only possible to have 10 repeatable programs at any one time – this includes scheduled and active programs only. 
  • Having too many repeatable programs can slow down the system, which can result in slower email sending times and syncing with Salesforce, or delayed refreshment of dynamic lists. 
  • When allowing your prospects to enter your program more than once can affect the reporting. For example, if 3 prospects enter a program twice, the number shown on the tooltip would be 6.
  • If changes are made to the ‘days before prospect is eligible to re-enter’ or ‘limit total entries to’ the program settings, these changes will stop prospects on the entry step who have reached the limit from reentering the program. 


When should you use a repeatable engagement program?

Now that you know the benefits and the limitations, let’s take a look at some use cases. 

  • Nurturing unengaged prospects before filtering out unengaged data
  • Notifications for annual reminders 
  • Reminder to review a recurring subscription that may soon run out 


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