New CRM Analytics Viz Features

by Jiri Dvorak - February 03, 2022
New CRM Analytics Viz Features

It is that time again, release notes and previews show us what is coming in the near future. And as you would expect, we have seen some truly remarkable additions to the CRM Analytics (Tableau CRM) with the Salesforce Spring ‘22 release.

We often spend significant time focusing on how best to show the data that is available. Salesforce built-in Analytics Design App has received an upgrade. This Analytics Design Toolkit can serve as a benchmark for custom apps. It is a native way to spread good practice across as many apps and orgs as possible. Design Style Guide Template wizard showcases the visualisations included. 

Tableau CRM Design Style Guide Details

As part of the wizard, we are able to impact the colour scheme by choosing the primary colour from which the Analytics Design Kit app derives additional branding.

Action in Context

We can now use Link widgets in a much more dynamic way. Using interaction binding allows us to populate the Destination widget parameter based on the selection or result elsewhere on the dashboard. It is bringing more relevant information closer to us.

Widget Link Destination


This means we can place a single link widget button that facilitates quick access to a variety of pages, such as selected record or relevant list view, based on the specific dashboard context at the moment.

Widget Link Preview

This is not all when it comes to new functionality enabling more actionable experience. We can now use the Change Owner action to transfer Salesforce record ownership directly from CRM analytics dashboard.


LWC in CRM Analytics?

Finally, we have a general release with immense potential. Since Spring ‘22 we can use CRM Analytics dashboards with Lightning Web Components. This is a major change and a potential paradigm shift when it comes to the art of possibilities when using CRM Analytics. Custom widgets allow for custom behaviour and power highly interactive dashboards. You can display data over time lapse, show hierarchies of data and come up with your own completely custom visualisations. It is even possible to enable inline editing of your data from CRM Analytics.  


Applications of the new Spring ‘22 features are truly numerous. It is an exciting step on the path to discover the potential ofCRM analytics. Thinking of implementing some of these new features? Then get in touch with one of our consultants.


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