A Closer Look at CRM Analytics Dashboard Viewer Features

by Jiri Dvorak - July 18, 2023
A Closer Look at CRM Analytics Dashboard Viewer Features

In the realm of data analysis and reporting, CRM Analytics stands out in the way that it empowers the end user, the dashboard viewer. Its visualisation features offer a user-friendly interface that transforms complex data into understandable and interactive visuals.

In this blog, I will guide you through the journey of a viewer interacting with these features.


Engaging with Interactive Dashboards

The first stop on our journey is interactive dashboards. In our blog Unlock Data Insights with CRM Analytics Visualisations, we have seen the power of insightful visualisations in CRM Analytics dashboards. These dashboards serve as a canvas where data comes alive.  This allows viewers to interact with the information in a meaningful way. By applying filters, sorting data, or drilling down into specific dimensions, viewers can unearth hidden insights and trends.

Hover on analytics dashboard is a simple but powerful feature allowing for further insight for the viewer
A well-built dashboard offers these insights intuitively, here is an example of viewers interacting through hover. We can quickly see the geographical country breakdown of the lost opportunity deals.

Salesforce have shared a helpful guide for CRM Analytics viewers which includes tips and useful resources.

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Interacting with Dashboard through Versatile Views

As we delve deeper, we encounter the versatile array of filters, KPI numbers, and charts that CRM Analytics supports. From the simplicity of bar and pie charts to the complexity of heat maps and geographical maps, the platform offers a broad spectrum of visualisation types. Each visualisation type serves a unique function, not only representing data but also empowering viewers to interact with it. By selecting filters and manipulating visual elements, viewers can unravel data insights effectively. This is empowering but also can be time-consuming if repetitive. Did you know viewers can save their selections as a view? Viewers can even select one of their views as default so that the dashboard opens with it.

The image shows how to save a view on CRM analytics dashboard
Here is a quick example of how we can save a view, in this case, it’s a simple focus on current year data.

With the right training for viewers, we turn CRM analytics dashboards into much more versatile tools. This is important because, as dashboard builders, we no longer have to duplicate the dashboard for a subset of viewers or make nearly as many customisations that would be specific to just some of our viewers, or for example, some of the processes the dashboard analyses.

Salesforce provides us with straightforward step-by-step documentation for the dashboard views feature. It’s good to highlight that dashboard views are a viewer feature. It’s generated for, and specific to the viewer. 

Image shows how to share a dashboard view in CRM Analytics
To share a selected dashboard view we start by sharing the dashboard (1), then get URL (2), and share the link which automatically includes the saved view parameter (3)


If a particular view needs to be shared, we make sure that it is selected and then use the dashboard share link of which, as you can see above, the view is part of the link parameters. The link then opens the dashboard using the view, which means the viewer can save the view as one of their own.


CRM Analytics provides powerful tools for viewers to interact with and understand data. By engaging with interactive dashboards, viewers can unearth insights with filtering, sorting, and selections, and easily return to these with dashboard views.  All of these features empower the viewer to extract meaningful information from the data. This, in turn, allows them to make better decisions.


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