Customising Your Pardot Unsubscribe Page

by Sophie Daniline - April 09, 2019
Customising Your Pardot Unsubscribe Page

When you have a brand new Pardot instance, the unsubscribe page uses a pretty basic template already sitting in Pardot. It’s not the most inspiring, so customising your Pardot unsubscribe page is something I really recommend doing.

To give you some motivation to create your own, this is what the default looks like:


I’ll assume you want something more exciting… so here’s how you do it:

1. Create your layout template

You can create your layout template either by editing the standard template, or by creating a new one. You can get to the screen below by following these steps: Marketing > Landing Page > Layout Templates

add layout

Pardot has a selection of pre-built, mobile responsive templates for you to use, which is definitely the easiest way to get started. (I’d recommend the general one for an unsubscribe page).


2. Style the unsubscribe form

If you’ve ever done a layout template before, you will know that you need some CSS to target your form.  The same is required for your unsubscribe form. If you’re not sure how to do this, here’s a handy list of some of the ways you can target a Pardot form using CSS.

One thing to consider is that in the default template, there is a 160px margin to the left of the re-subscribe button. To get rid of this you can add this CSS to your layout template:

body form.form p.submit {

If you are struggling with the CSS, you can check out this Pardot Form Style Generator.

3. Apply the layout template to the unsubscribe page

Your final step is to get your new layout template applied to your unsubscribe page. You do this by following this path: Marketing > Emails > Unsubscribe page, then selecting ‘edit’ in the top right.


Once you click edit, you will see the option to change the layout template your unsubscribe page is using.

unsubscribe layout

Remember, you can always update the layout template later on if you’re not 100% happy once you’ve applied it to your unsubscribe page.


If you’re really looking to get stuck into template creation for your Pardot instance, why not check out our guide to Pardot email templates.

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