Be Pardot proactive this winter

by Zoe Fisher - November 30, 2020
Be Pardot proactive this winter

Finally 2020 is almost at an end! Therefore, it’s time to look forward, take control of your organisation’s systems and prepare for the year ahead. So here are some of the articles that you should take a moment to digest in order to have a proactive start to 2021. Don’t forget, Pardot releases come out 3x a year now, with the first one set to go live on February 15th. 

(Most urgent!) Pardot-only User Migration

Firstly, you may have already heard that Pardot’s user authentication system will be discontinued in February 2021. This is a major update and critical for Pardot-only Users. Get ahead and start preparing now


Salesforce Spring Clean

Have you ever looked at a record page and wondered what that field is for, or have a bunch of reports & dashboards that have not been run in years? You are not alone, it is very common. Do your Salesforce Spring Clean now! 


Use Pardot Dynamic Lists to Clean up

Pardot dynamic lists are an extremely useful tool to automatically build lists of prospects who fulfil certain criteria, with two obvious use cases. You can also pull dynamic lists to clean your Pardot account. Find out how.


Keeping Salesforce Safe and Healthy

You don’t want to end a stressful year with a Salesforce breakdown, do you? Learn how to ensure your Salesforce account is kept safe and healthy here.


Pardot Export – What, where and how?

When it comes to healthy account management, Pardot export is one of the tools we leverage the most. This post explains where you can find this functionality and how it can be used. If you are already familiar with the feature don’t walk away, as some things have recently been changed.


Why you need to set up the Pardot Lightning App now

Are you using Pardot and Salesforce, but still haven’t enabled the Pardot Lightning App? New features, smoother AI and a seamless experience. Be proactive ahead of the new releases, find out what you can gain by setting it up here.


I’ve exceeded my Pardot Usage Limits – what should I do?

It’s very common to exceed your Pardot account’s usage limits. This is a normal scenario encountered by most users at some stage of being a Pardot Admin, so don’t panic. The limits are Pardot’s way to remind your team to keep your account clean and organised. Learn more.


Pardot Audit

This isn’t an article, but if you answer yes to any of the below, then you may need to do a Pardot Audit in your efforts to be proactive: 

  • You find that not all prospect activity is tracked or makes sense
  • Your Pardot users are not connected to Salesforce users
  • You have a lot of sync errors
  • You don’t have a naming convention for your campaigns and Pardot assets
  • Your form/landing page submission rates are low
  • You don’t have a clear, documented, email preferences process
  • Your email statistics are poor


Get in touch with us for assistance with a Pardot Audit, we can do a thorough review of your account, it’s integration with Salesforce and factors that might be hindering marketing performance.

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