Why you need to set up the Pardot Lightning App now

by Jeena Jeeva - August 21, 2020
Why you need to set up the Pardot Lightning App now

Are you using Pardot and Salesforce, but still not enabled the Pardot Lightning App? Find out what you can gain by setting it up – the sooner the better.

What is it?

If you are using Lightning in Salesforce – as we recommend you should – you might be aware that a native Pardot app is available to use as well. It puts all your marketing automation features in a slick user interface that is built right on the Salesforce platform, allowing you to use one platform for both your marketing and sales applications.


Besides working in a modern environment, there are plenty of great benefits for this configuration. Here are three of my favourite ones:

1. All platforms in one place

Like me do you find it frustrating that you have to login to Pardot and Salesforce separately? Well with this applications you won’t need to. You can now simply flip between applications saving you time and effort. No more jumping from one application to the next! Simply login to one place.

2. One login for all

Having Pardot sitting within Salesforce means you will only need one set of login details to remember. (That’s one less password to forget!).

3. Exclusive Pardot features

Pardot will now be creating new releases that are compatible for this application only. Have you been waiting for the long awaited new email builder? Then you need to enable this application soon, otherwise you won’t be able to use it! Another great feature that you don’t want to miss out on is snippets, which is also only available with this app.


Enabling the Pardot Lightning App

Now you know why you should enable this application, the next step is to set this up in Salesforce.

In order to proceed, follow these steps to start using the application today. Or get in touch with our experts who can help enable this for you.

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