Why We’re Excited for London’s Calling 2020

by Sophie Daniline - February 06, 2020
Why We’re Excited for London’s Calling 2020

London’s Calling is Europe’s largest community led event for Salesforce Professionals. At Nebula, it’s one of the Salesforce events we look forward to the most. But we have reasons to be SUPER excited this year…


London’s Calling always has fantastic speakers. Fact. But this year, there are three names that have been added to the speaking list that have us jumping up and down.

  1. Chris Taylor
  2. Doug Gardner
  3. Aidan Harding

Yes okay, they’re Nebula staff, but just listen to what their sessions are about and you’ll get as excited as we are.

“Stepping into the world of Einstein Analytics”

Taking us on a journey of reporting, Chris is going to be focusing on how to build your own dashboards in B2B Marketing Analytics. An absolute whizz with all things reporting, this session is sure to blow your mind.

“When to Move From Standard Products and Quotes to CPQ”

Salesforce wizardry takes a new form in Doug’s session. He’s going to be exploring CPQ and how customers get ROI from the product. If you’re finding that standard Products, Price Books and Quotes aren’t doing the trick anymore, this session is for you!

“Unmaking Soup Isn’t Easy: Lessons Learned From Unlocked Packaging”

Calling all devs… and anyone else who enjoys new technologies, come and hear Aidan’s words of wisdom on Unlocked Packaging. If, like me, you have no idea what Unlocked Packaging is, this is probably also a good place to start. We cannot guarantee that there will be soup. But there might be….?

A New Exciting Track…

As a Pardot consultant, it was really refreshing for me to see a Marketing Tech track appear at London’s Calling this year. While this is more heavily focussed on Marketing Cloud, all the sessions sound really exciting.

Chances for Chat

One of my favourite things about London’s Calling is how friendly the community is. That’s why it’s great to have plenty of opportunities to chat with the best in the industry.

If you enjoy Chris, Doug and Aidan’s sessions, get in touch to see how we can help you.

Hope to see you there! Remember, you can still get tickets here.


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