Why SEO should always complement your content marketing

by Nicola Hodd - November 18, 2016
Why SEO should always complement your content marketing

Despite sometimes working in silos, SEO and Content Marketing should naturally work hand-in-hand. Both are trying to drive targeted, high quality traffic to your site and both are trying to provide the best information to potential customers so you can serve their needs – and convert them to won business!

This is an interesting take on how the two can work in unison to learn a visitors intent and help build a content strategy that works.


SEO isn’t about keywords or phrases alone, and effective content marketing is more than just crafting articles and other forms of online content around high-volume keywords that will drive a lot of traffic.

Keyword analysis should be used as a way to study and better understand your customers. The goal should be to know them — their needs and preferences, their problems and worries — on an individual level.



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