Announcing the Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate credential

by Sarah Kelleher - January 25, 2024
Announcing the Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate credential

New year, new credential! Salesforce has today announced the new Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate. This brand new certification allows marketers to prepare for a career in Salesforce marketing and demonstrate their understanding of the platform.

The existing Marketing Cloud credentials are all at a fairly advanced level and require a lot of study and experience to gain. This can be a real barrier for marketers just looking to start their careers. In recent years, we’ve seen a real push from Salesforce to make the job market more accessible with Associate credentials. This new one follows the Salesforce Associate and AI Associate credentials. The Salesforce Marketing Associate certification validates foundational marketing knowledge, including what Marketing Cloud Engagement is and how it solves business needs based on Salesforce best practices.

Screenshot of the overview of the available Salesforce Marketing Credentials

Getting started

So, if you’re looking to kick start your Salesforce Marketing career, the first step is to check out the Exam guide. Then check out the Trailmix: Prepare for your Salesforce Marketing Associate Credential to get you ready for the exam.

Screenshot of the Trailhead Trailmix page "Prepare for your Salesforce Marketing Associate Credential"

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