Three Things No One Tells You About Email Marketing and AI

by Nicola Hodd - May 26, 2017
Three Things No One Tells You About Email Marketing and AI

Siri, Alexa, Einstein – the tech giants are investing heavily and moving fast on Artificial Intelligence but can it be used and applied successfully for normal organisations with modest budgets?

A key takeaway I took from an AI session at the Salesforce World Tour is that the complexity of AI spans a wide spectrum – from the simplest of automations to the most complex ideas in robotics. And we can use that approach when we try to embed AI into our own businesses – start simple and learn to walk before you can run.

The article below outlines some great wins for simple automation before you even start to think about AI – get the building blocks right first with data, personalisation and using the tools you already have at your disposal.


In the foreseeable future, AI will fast-track your sales pipeline by getting customized messages to people who are primed and ready to buy. Ultimately—the real payoff—it will help you aggregate insights across multiple data sources so that you can identify potential customers based on purchases they’ve made from other companies.

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