Style Pardot forms to look like your own site

by Sarah Kelleher - June 02, 2015
Style Pardot forms to look like your own site

In the Doing More with Pardot Forms series, we are sharing with you all our favourite features, tips and best practices for making Pardot forms work better for your business. Here, we show you how to make Pardot forms fit seamlessly into your website.

The most common way to integrate Pardot forms with your site is placing them within an iframe on an existing webpage. Pardot’s default styling will be applied automatically. However, you can customise the styling of this form using a layout template.

First, go to Marketing > Forms > Layout Templates and select ‘Add Layout Template’. What you’ll see next is a basic HTML document where you can add custom styling, typically as CSS. For more detailed information, visit the CSS for Forms guide from Pardot.

Using CSS to style Pardot forms

However, you are not limited to changing fonts and colours with CSS. You can also use HTML to build out sections around the form so that it can exist as a standalone page. One of the most common techniques is to add a header and footer from your own website.

A simple way of doing this is using the ‘Import from URL’ button when building a Layout Template. This copies the HTML from your site into the Layout Template. You can then delete/adjust content as necessary. Insert the %%content%% tag where you would like the form to appear. It is always best to involve a web designer in this process to make sure the HTML is robust.

In the example below, the form is nested inside a simple table.

Import from HTML in your Layout Template

Using these Layout Templates you can build more sophisticated, complex forms that fit seamlessly into your website. We’ve set up hundreds of forms for our client, so if you aren’t sure where to start, just get in touch. Pardot Advanced Support

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