Reinvent Corporate Learning with myTrailhead

by Andy Murdoch - November 09, 2017
Reinvent Corporate Learning with myTrailhead

Two years ago released Trailhead to the public, a guided interactive learning tool used to improve every aspect of a users Salesforce knowledge. Since it’s conception, literally millions of badges have been earned.

Badges are the visual representation of trails or modules that you have completed, making for healthy competition amongst peers. This gamification has played a massive part in the success of Trailhead… It’s fun to learn!

This week at Dreamforce, the annual event which brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of Salesforce peers, myTrailhead was announced.

myTrailhead is about to seriously shake up corporate learning. Now, companies will be able to adopt the Trailhead framework for training, while sculpting it to represent their internal processes. You can now ditch the boring, week long traditional corporate training, and instead opt for a fun, flexible and exciting option.

Companies can build their own trails with Trail Maker, an authoring & publishing tool specifically for myTrailhead. Use your companies own voice and branding, making the training feel like a natural fit.

Trail Checker will allow you to rate and reward employees learning, meaning that this isn’t just for new starters. Employees can take the training at their own pace, re-taking modules if they need a refresher, or revisit topics that they may not have fully understood the first time. Trails are taken at the employees pace.

Why myTrailhead stands out:

  • Self-paced, online learning – learn topics when you need them, at your own pace.
  • Learning paths – personalised myTrailhead content is arranged in paths, meaning users have a logical next step in their learning.
  • Modular and engaging content – short modules that can be tackled in 10-15 minute sessions to keep the content self-contained and directly useful, maximising the value of the learning experience.
  • Interactive assessments – at the end of each unit, you can take a challenge to verify what you just learned, either by answering multiple-choice questions or performing specific tasks in a developer environment. After completion, you can click a button and get instant feedback on whether you got it right.
  • Gamification – points and badges are awarded on successful completion of units and modules. The points and badges are displayed on the users profile, so they get instant recognition for their expertise.
  • Your voice – myTrailhead content is written by you, in your companies voice, with your own branding. Salesforce made modules and trails can also be pulled in, making for additional content.

Continuous learning is more critical than ever to keep pace with rapid technology changes. Old, static, corporate learning techniques and tools simply won’t cut it.

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