Pardot now allows Dynamic List Segmentation based on Public List Opt-in Status

by Sarah Kelleher - October 07, 2016
Pardot now allows Dynamic List Segmentation based on Public List Opt-in Status

Pardot has recently released an additional rule for Dynamic Lists that has largely gone unnoticed, but is a hugely powerful and add much-needed functionality to the platform.

Prospect public list opt-in status

Up until now, the Pardot email preference center allowed prospects to opt out of public lists, but it wasn’t possible to then infer those preferences into any other Pardot lists. For example, if someone opts out of your general ‘Events’ public list and then you want to promote a specific event to a more targeted audience based on, say, region or industry, you can’t automatically exclude those who have opted out of the ‘Events’ list .

This meant you were restricted in the flexibility and sophistication of your Email Preference Management, unless you opted for a custom preference center using a Pardot form and custom fields.

Now, you can use the dynamic list rule ‘Prospect public list opt-in status’ to transfer opt-ins from a general list to a more specific dynamic list. Let’s take the example from above with the event. Now, we can have one ‘Events’ list in our Email Preference Center and then target our more specific events mailings at smaller audience e.g.

‘Prospect public list opt-in status’ is opted in for ‘Events’ AND ‘Industry’ equals ‘Financial Services’

This is an excellent addition to the Dynamic List rules and one that is going to make managing Emails Preferences in Pardot a doddle!


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