Pardot is Set to Take Over the World of Marketing Automation

by Dorottya Dvorak - June 11, 2018
Pardot is Set to Take Over the World of Marketing Automation

After introducing the feature to use Pardot in Japanese a couple of month ago, it’s been announced last week at Salesforce World Tour Paris that Pardot users can now access the system in French, German or Spanish. This new feature is available on a user level either manually or via Salesforce sync, and enabling it would be a big advantage for international companies to improve user experience within their teams.

It could also benefit small or medium companies that were unable to use Pardot’s interface in English language, and their teams would have needed a localised system instead. But now Pardot could become a great addition to their toolset and open a whole new world for their users.

In case your regional teams don’t know Pardot that well and could use some training, they can learn all the steps in their localised Trailhead. That’s right, you can access your Trailhead in your own language if you visit, scroll down to the bottom and select your language from the list.

With Pardot following this route I believe it’s set to become the leading marketing automation tool across the world – I can’t wait to see when it’s localised to the Hungarian market as well 🙂


We are excited to bring the power of Pardot Marketing Automation to our French, German, and Spanish-speaking Trailblazers in B2B marketing!

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