Modern day myths of email development

by James Campbell - December 17, 2016
Modern day myths of email development

It is very easy to learn something and never question it after that point. I certainly do it however when living in a world with such rapidly changing technology, it can be dangerous not to re-consider things now an then.

If your job involves email marketing, I would strongly recommend reading this article that dispels these seven tips that were once true but are now no longer:

  • Myth : Emails must be 600 pixels wide.
  • Myth : You must use standard system fonts only.
  • Myth : Only use the Transitional DOCTYPE.
  • Myth : Attribute selectors need to be used.
  • Myth : All styles in emails must be inlined.
  • Myth : Don’t use background images in emails.
  • Myth : Emails must look identical across all email clients.


In that time, email developers created all types of “best practices” to help others get started with email coding, or to act as reminders for those in the trenches of what email developers can and can’t do.

We’re here today to remind email developers that best practices shouldn’t be seen as static. They change. What was best for email developers in the late 1990s no longer rings true in the mid-2010s.



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