Marketing App Extensions for Account Engagement

by Zoe Fisher - May 16, 2023
Marketing App Extensions for Account Engagement

Account Engagement is increasing its extensibility, and we’re seeing some exciting developments in tracking and triggering external actions on our Prospects. I’ll break down what these extensibility features are, and how you can use them.

Marketing App Extensions

Marketing App Extensions are the feature that allows us to create Actions and Activities. Essentially, this is the feature that will allow your external system (such as a webinar platform) and Account Engagement to speak to each other. Marketing App Extensions can be shared across Business Units, so if you’re a global organisation with multiple Business Units, this feature can be easily rolled out to multiple accounts.

External Actions

As the name suggests, Actions allow us to do something. In this context, we would be triggering an external action for Prospects that land on this step in Engagement Studio. For example:

  • Register for a webinar
  • Send Salesforce survey
  • Create a Case
  • Send SMS

The actions here would then trigger an event in an external platform to Account Engagement. Our examples include some actions that would fire in Salesforce, expanding our core integration capabilities. To learn how to configure an external action, check out this blog.

External Activities

One of the great features of Account Engagement is the ability to track the activities of Prospects. Activities are available on Prospect records for use in automation, segmentation and in Engagement History in Salesforce. With Marketing App Extensions, we can tell third-party systems to send activities to Account Engagement, so we can track these activities of our Prospects. Such as:

  • Attended webinar
  • Completed survey
  • Signed up for an app
  • Registered for event


To find out how to set this up, check out our blog here. For further support with Account Engagement extensibility features, get in touch.

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