Integrating Zoom with Pardot

by Zoe Fisher - July 24, 2020
Integrating Zoom with Pardot

As we move closer to a World of virtual events, webinar and conferencing platforms are growing exponentially in popularity. One of the fastest growing webinar platforms is Zoom. Here’s how you can integrate your webinars from Zoom with your Pardot account.

How to integrate Zoom and Pardot

While Zoom is not a native connector in Pardot like Webex, GoToWebinar and ReadyTalk are, you can still connect your accounts in one of two ways:

  1. Install the Pardot App from the App Marketplace to your Zoom account
  2. Use Pardot Form Handlers to receive the data from your Zoom forms

As these are two different ways of integrating the two platforms, there are pros and cons to each.  It all depends on how you would like to use Zoom and Pardot together.

Method 1: Install the Pardot App to your Zoom account

  1. Go to the Pardot App in Zoom’s App Marketplace
  2. Ensure you’re signed into your Zoom account, and click ‘Install’
  3. Confirm the Pardot User details, you’ll need the Email, Password and User API Key. (You can also exclude any domains to block users of those domains from being added to your Pardot lists)
  4. Click ‘Save’

Easy right? Once you have installed the Pardot App to your Zoom account, you can now look to integrate your individual webinars with your Pardot account!

For each Webinar you will need to set up three static lists in Pardot:

  • Registrants
  • Attendees
  • Absentees

Once you have set up your lists, navigate to your webinar in Zoom and click on Integration, next to ‘Generate Prospects in Pardot via Lists’ select Configure.

Integration-Generate prospects in pardot via lists

From here you can select your Pardot lists:

Add your Pardot Lists to

Now you can run your webinar, Zoom will automatically update your Pardot lists for you to then use for email marketing and other automations!

Method 2: Use Pardot Form Handlers with your Zoom Webinars

For this method, you’ll need to set up two Form Handlers in Pardot:

  • Registration
  • Attendees

Once you have set up your Form Handlers, navigate to your webinar in Zoom and scroll down to Integration, next to ‘Generate Prospects in Pardot via Form Handlers’ select Configure.

Generate prospects in pardot via form handlers

Form here, you can insert you Pardot Form Handler URLs for each purpose:

specify the register/ attendee form handler urls

Pardot will create prospects for you via these Form Handlers.

Now you can use Zoom with your Pardot account, with no need to manually import your Prospects!

Which Method to Choose?

Method 1 means that Prospects will be created in Pardot through the API, and added to your specified Lists. You can then use these Lists for email marketing and automated journeys in Engagement Studio as well as in Automation Rules.

Method 2 creates Prospects via Form Handlers, meaning you can leverage completion actions to trigger field changes, set Source Campaign, send Autoresponders, assign in the CRM and much more.

Method 1 (Installing the Pardot App) seems to be Zoom’s preferred method of integration, this may be something to consider when integrating a new Zoom account with your Pardot instance. If you have any questions on using Pardot for webinars, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


In case you aren’t using Zoom and using GoToWebinar instead, check out our Webinar Guide which focuses on managing your webinars through the out-of-the-box connection to GoToWebinar!

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