How to start planning your digital campaigns in 2017

by Nicola Hodd - January 06, 2017
How to start planning your digital campaigns in 2017

New Year, new you… and for every marketer a new plan! Overall business strategies may not widely deviate from year to year, but priorities do and it’s time to work out how best to use your resources to get the results you need.

Where to start? Nailing down what your objectives are so a clear and consistent plan can emerge. As the article below explains, thinking about this critical question is a great place to start and it forces you to consider other implications of your goal-setting and what you are truly aiming to achieve.


‘The Critical Question’ to ask

“At the end of this campaign (or month, quarter, year) we are all going to be sitting around this same table, giving each other high-fives.”

“What exactly are we celebrating? What metrics or goals have we hit to make this campaign a huge success?”


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