How To Send Better B2B Emails In 2017

by Dorottya Dvorak - January 16, 2017
How To Send Better B2B Emails In 2017

Given the fact that thousands of emails are sent every second, how can you make sure your message gets through and will be remembered by the right people? Multiple elements could win valuable reading seconds for your company: an intriguing subject line, the perfect timing and most importantly segmenting, targeting and positioning your audience.

See which steps you should focus on to reform your email strategy and win your clients over with a personalised perspective.


The emails with a clear focus are much easier to comprehend from a user standpoint. Their eye is drawn from the header, through the copy, down to the main CTA. And, when there is a secondary call-to-action, it’s just that, secondary.
Welcome the idea of focus and build your email on a well thought out hierarchy with beautiful design.


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