7 Common Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

by Linda Forsstrom Torres - January 05, 2018
7 Common Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

We know that marketing automation can help your marketing strategies and calculate your marketing ROIs. Using platforms, such as Pardot, makes your email marketing efforts more time efficient by automating your tasks. But there is more to it than just implementing Pardot. What happens after the implementation period when your marketing team start using Pardot for their email marketing strategies? What do you need to think about in order to get great email marketing results?

There is no doubt that email marketing needs thought, planning and strategy. Segmentation, email design, subject line, content and call to actions are just a few elements that you need to think about when planning your email marketing. The key thing to acknowledge while creating your email marketing is that you need to put in the time and effort in order for it to give you great results.

If you landed on this post and your email marketing strategies are showing great results – Great! But I still would suggest you read the following article to reduce the risk of turbulence in your future email marketing efforts.


In the B2B space, email marketing has a unique set of challenges – but once you learn how to turn the stumbling blocks into stepping stones, it is still a surefire way to win over customers and generate plenty of business.

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