World Travel & Tourism Council

We implemented Salesforce for this world leading authority in the travel & tourism industry, helping to drive efficiencies across the organisation.

World Travel & Tourism Council

At a glance

Company: World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)
Sector: Travel & Tourism
Objective: To implement Salesforce and consolidate siloed systems and datasets.
Solution: Customised Salesforce to streamline internal processes and integrate siloed systems such as Cvent, invoicing and ihance.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is the world’s leading authority in the Travel & Tourism industry. WTTC works to raise awareness of Travel & Tourism as one of the world’s largest industries, supporting 260 million jobs and generating 9% of world GDP, along with tackling issues that threaten their industry such as taxes and visa issues

Any Sales Cloud implementation starts with data

Contact data was consolidated from various sources including multiple contact database applications, individuals’ excel spreadsheets and outlook calendars. Extensive data cleansing and record de-duping took place before the data was imported into Salesforce.

Enabling targeted email sends from Salesforce

WTTC runs various groups and committees comprising of contacts from within the travel and tourism industry globally and Salesforce has been configured to manage these membership lists and communicate with members. The standard Salesforce email functionality would not allow users to quickly distribute mass email communications to group and committee members however with some custom development work, email functionality was deployed to allow users to do this directly within Salesforce.

Integration with Cvent to manage events

WTTC organise several large summits each year and Cvent (the cloud event management application) is used to manage the email invite and online registration process. Previously, this was an entirely separate contact database from their CRM and keeping both systems up to date had been an impossible task. We integrated Cvent with Salesforce to automatically push contact data between the two systems in real time. This integration effectively mirrors the contact databases ensuring that the data in the two systems is consistent. Event registration information is also pushed from Cvent into Salesforce giving users complete visibility of which events contacts are attending.

Managing invoicing from the Salesforce platform

Aspects of the invoicing process have been automated using Salesforce, significantly reducing the time taken to process each customer invoice. Member invoices are automatically generated by Salesforce and the application also prompts the finance team to send out membership invoices at the specified time of year. The application has also been configured to give appropriate users complete visibility of which invoices have been paid and which are outstanding.

Email logging and visibility

Optimising communications (both internal and external) was also a key objective of this project. ihance is a third party application that we deployed to automatically log all inbound and outbound emails in Salesforce against the appropriate contacts. This automates the time consuming process of manually logging emails and ensures that all email communications are accurately recorded in Salesforce and visible to all users.

Driving efficiency and user adoption

The entire project was delivered over a period of 6 months but our agile approach to managing the project meant that new efficiencies were being delivered within 2 months. Each project phase included departmental training sessions to ensure that each user was fully aware of the functionality at their disposal. A tailored user manual was also produced for reference beyond the training.

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