The Good Care Group

We built a bespoke community for this revolutionary live-in care provider, ensuring a seamless transition for 700+ carers using the system.

At a glance

Company: The Good Care Group
Sector: Social Care
Objective: To build an easy-to-use platform for carers to record outcomes from client visits.
Solution: A Salesforce Community allowing carers to record comprehensive details relating to their clients’ ongoing care and needs.

The Good Care Group is a professional provider of high quality home care that enables older people to live in their own homes for as long as possible.  Services include 24-hour live in care, day care and a respite service. Their professional carers are employed by them (no agency staff) and they are leading the way in supporting those with specialist medical conditions, including dementia, Parkinson’s, MS and Motor Neurone disease, improving overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Transforming the world of residential care

The Good Care Group’s main objective is to revolutionise care and make a real difference to the way residential care is delivered to older people in their homes. For them, technology is critical in being able to evidence the outcomes that they work to achieve with clients and it helps them to scale their business without forfeiting on levels of care.

Monitoring the health of clients

An integral part of the service that The Good Care Group provide for their clients is to be able to document a client assessment; both to monitor the ongoing care of the elderly person being cared for and to provide insight for the family of their clients. With a paper-based system, the documentation was onerous for the carers to complete, the data wasn’t available for the families or the carers handing over shifts quickly enough and the system was slow to spot trends or health issues.

Driving efficiencies across the organisation

To reduce reliance on paper-based documentation, Nebula built a bespoke form solution on Salesforce to capture a wealth of information. The form solution can be built and configured using a straightforward interface with no coding required and the information can either be written to fields in Salesforce directly or stored in JSON fields (to be called on for auditing purposes if required). The information can be shared across carers and head office can be alerted immediately about any incidents.

A seamless transition for hundreds of carers

The form solution was well received by over 700+ carers, with only a handful of adoption issues on the day it was launched. This is testament to the partnership that Nebula and The Good Care Group had in bringing together key business objectives, the technical capability of the Salesforce platform and ultimately what this meant for the end user experience.  

Bringing a community of carers together

Carers working remotely often did not feel part of a team, and had limited interaction with colleagues. There was also limited scope for knowledge sharing and transfer. Nebula built a community for carers to log into whilst in placement as a central repository for all information previously captured on paper-based forms. Additionally, using Chatter, Community users can create and contribute to groups, with the majority having over 40 members.

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