We helped this disruptor in the fintech industry to build a fully-branded, compliant and easy to use community for their insurance brokers.

At a glance

Company: Azur Underwriting
Sector: Financial Services, Insurance
Objective: To build a customer-centric platform for brokers in line with Azur’s branding
Solution: A fully-branded Salesforce Community aligned with the company website, offering a streamlined user experience and holding data directly in Salesforce.

Azur is a Managing Digital Agency (MDA) working in partnership with AIG, one of the world’s largest and best-respected insurance companies. As a relatively new entrant to the insurance market, they aim to disrupt the industry with the use of technology and ensure a seamless user experience for brokers selling to high net worth individuals. Broker iQ is a community designed for brokers to learn, and more importantly log those CPD hours, in a regulated industry where professional development is an essential part of their role.

Reimagining insurance for brokers and their clients

Fintech is awash with disparate and legacy software and building a connected platform to handle the whole customer journey in one system was no small undertaking. Careful choice of the leading technologies was essential and for that, Salesforce was a clear winner.

Obsessed with user experience

Azur’s customer-focused mentality has helped them to build a product that puts the user experience at the forefront of everything they do. The same user experience needed to be implemented across their online portal for brokers and a Salesforce Community enabled them to do just that.

Building a fully-branded platform for brokers

After creating a premium product for high net worth customers, Azur wanted to ensure that the Salesforce community encompassed the branding and slick design of their website. We worked with the same design agency that created their website to build a fully-branded platform for brokers called Broker iQ. We created a component driven community that doesn’t show any sign of the fact that Salesforce is running everything behind the scenes.

Data in one place

The Broker iQ community is a one-stop-shop for Azur’s brokers to access materials and take multiple choice assessments that count towards their Continuous Professional Development (CPD). It means that Azur now have accurate data in Salesforce that tracks which brokers have viewed content and how much time they spent on it.

Back to the user experience (we did say they were obsessed!)

Brokers can now move seamlessly from the Azur’s website to their very own broker community, without feeling as though they have entered a new site. The CPD functionality has proved extremely popular and is one of the reasons why so many brokers have signed up to use the platform.

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