Why Switch to Lightning?

by Linda Forsstrom Torres - February 21, 2018
Why Switch to Lightning?

We naturally don’t like change. Not leaving our comfort zone is what we prefer to do. This has also been the case most of the time regarding switching to the Lightning experience. I attended two different sessions that discussed the benefits of switching to Lightning. The first session was held by Kristi Guzman and the second one by Anup Jadhav, which I’ve decided to share, for those who didn’t attend these sessions.

So why should we even bother switching to the Lightning Experience when Classic is working just fine for our organisation? Well, even though we don’t like change, it doesn’t mean that we should avoid change! Change is the future and we will always need to face it sooner or later. Lightning is the future of Salesforce and is here to stay. We might as well learn how to manage it sooner rather than later!

There is also more to it than just a change of environment. Salesforce wants to provide us with the best possible CRM tool and to optimise our user experience. In order to do so, Salesforce needs to implement the latest innovations to our tool. Therefore, using only Classic would mean that we are missing out!

They really meant it when they said it offers improvements for your organisation. We are all different, which means that we have different needs. The Lightning Experience offers more than 55 new Sales Cloud pages and over 150 new features! All to make sure that the new Lightning Experience sales features will have something for everyone.

Statistics have shown that we are using our mobiles more than ever and we are estimated to use it even more in the future. Salesforce should therefore not be restricted to any in particular device. If you did not already know this: Lightning is Mobile-First. This means that your mobile experience will be just as good as your Lightning Experience via Salesforce1.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be the answer that you’ve been searching for! We all want to optimise our business process and make them more efficient, as it can lead to improvement of our ROI and business performance. Lightning Experience aims to do this by embracing an AI-first approach. Salesforce uses Einstein as their AI tool and if he hasn’t helped you yet, I’m sure he will soon!

Last but not least. Whether you need to filter, group, summarise or add more than three columns to your dashboards, an enhancement of Reports and Dashboards will definitely help you achieve this. It’s probably one of the most important benefits that will help you to actually measure your data in a customised way. Click here to find out how to enable this in the Quick Find box from Setup.

If you are still not convinced whether you should switch to Lightning or not, please read the Salesforce article below to get more tips in why you should embrace the move. Also stay tuned for London’s Calling 18’s own recap from the event.


Our singular mission at Salesforce is to help make our more than 150,000 customers successful. We know that if you engage deeply with your customers and build unique relationships with them, you will have incredible success. It’s why we built Lightning, based on your feedback, and why we continually work to improve it.

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