Why have an Email Preference Center?

by Jeena Jeeva - January 31, 2019
Why have an Email Preference Center?

An email preference center offers your prospects a chance to select the type of email communications they would like to receive from you, rather than completely unsubscribing.

As prospects have the ability to manage what they receive and how often they receive your messages, this in turn has a positive impact on both your deliverability and your relationship with your subscribers.

Here is why:

  • Reduces unsubscribe and spam reports
    • Prospects can decide what they hear from you, putting the control back in their hands, and increases their trust
  • Showcases your email offerings
    • You may be offering certain types of communication that prospects are not aware about and loosing out on subscribers
    • Highlights you are still relevant to your prospects
  • Help with your targeted campaign strategies
    • By asking prospects about their interests and preferences, removes the guess work from your email marketing campaigns
    • From this information you can deliver customised campaigns that are such to increase your response rate

Key considerations:

Before you start to create your email preference center in Pardot there are a few considerations you need to think about:

  • Ensure that preference center is on brand
    • Use an existing webpage to base your template on
  • Remember to use the variable tag (%%email_preference_center%%) on all emails
  • Prospects can opt in or opt out of a static public list
  • Prospects cannot add themselves to a dynamic list but they can opt out
    • When they opt out of a dynamic list, they are not removed from the list. But they do not receive an email send from that dynamic list
  • Need to create yourself as a prospect to test the email preference center
    • This link doesn’t always appear when you test emails


There are many different ways to manage your email preference center, and a lot of these will depend on your prospect lists and offerings. For more tips on which opt out process to adopt, and the strategy behind it click here.

Next steps:

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