User Assignments not Adding up?

by Jeena Jeeva - June 27, 2019
User Assignments not Adding up?

Have you ever noticed that some of your prospects are assigned to a certain user in Pardot and when looking in Salesforce they are assigned to a different user?

I have seen this inconsistency several times, while working with different clients over the years.

When you notice the assignments are not adding up there are usually two reasons why:

  1. The Pardot user has not been mapped to Salesforce or the Salesforce user has not been created in Pardot
  2. The user information has only just been recently updated and has not yet been synced from Salesforce

The solution

To solve scenario one, your Pardot admin will need to follow these steps:

  • ¬†Look for the user in Pardot
    • If the user can not be found, then create a new user
    • If the user is already created, ensure that it is mapped

To resolve the second scenario, triggering a sync for the prospect record will update the user assignment in Pardot to match the Salesforce record owner.

If you are not sure how to map a user, you can find out how here.

Hopefully these steps will resolve your assignment issues.

If you do still find they are still not adding up, contact us today and we will be happy to help!

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