Things We Love About the Pardot Spring ’19 Release

by Sophie Daniline - February 13, 2019
Things We Love About the Pardot Spring ’19 Release

It’s a wonderful time of year, the snow is melting, the sun is starting to appear, and the Pardot Spring ’19 Release is here! Here are our favourite features:

The focus on AI

This is a really exciting development for the world of Pardot. Essentially, Einstein will analyse your Pardot prospects’ activities to aggregate and grade their engagement.

Now, you can focus on the people who mean the most to your business.

Pardot Matt tweet

Additionally, they are introducing Einstein Predictive Lead Scoring. This uses a combination of data science and machine learning to discover the patterns of lead conversion.

This in turn predicts which leads to prioritise. By using machine learning, Predictive Lead Scoring will provide a simpler, faster, and more accurate solution than traditional rules-based lead-scoring approaches.

You can find out more about it here.

Easier set up options

The first of these is the new B2B Marketing Analytics set up guide. The new flow will guide you through the steps, including choosing a Pardot account, optional dashboards, and locale settings

The second of these is easier set up and smarter syncing for the Salesforce-Pardot connector. This includes easier-to-navigate settings, a brand-new setup assistant, and more control over which assets and prospects your users have access to.

Bot blocks

To improve reports and automated actions, Pardot will now ignore clicks from some IP ranges that are associated with email security scanners.

They will still collect all clicks and click-through data, however this new setting removes scanner activity from reports. Activity from these IP ranges will also no longer used to fire completion actions, triggers, or scores.

This new setting is turned on by default, however if you’re really desperate to see bot activity, it can be changed in your settings.


Using additional languages in Pardot had been in Beta, however it’s now live for everyone!

You can find the full release details here.

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