Prospect Resubscribe Not Working?

by Zoe Fisher - December 20, 2023
Prospect Resubscribe Not Working?

Increased domain security over the past few years has meant that cross-domain tracking is not possible. For customers with multiple tracker domains in their Account Engagement account, it is critical to remain consistent with domain usage across the right assets.

Prospect Resubscribe is a feature that can be enabled to recognise when an opted-out Prospect visits your form. It then offers them the option to resubscribe. This works by sending an email autoresponder to a Prospect that contains a link to resubscribe. Clicking the link in the email will opt the Prospect back into receiving emails from your Account Engagement account. Learn more about Prospect Resubscribe.

There is a challenge with this feature for customers who have more than one Tracker Domain in their account. This is because you cannot specify an email template per domain for the autoresponder with the resubscribe link. The Prospect Resubscribe feature works at an account-wide level. Additionally, The Prospect Resubscribe functionality will only work for Forms hosted on the Primary Tracker Domain of the account. This is due to restrictions on cross-domain tracking for security purposes, however, it means that the account-wide setting is not flexible.

So what’s the workaround?
We’ve evaluated a few methods for this, using custom styling to achieve the exact same process as the existing feature, or taking advantage of extensibility features. In my opinion, the simplest solution is always the best one. So we’ve detailed two simple options below. Choose the one that applies to you.

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If you are Currently Using Autoresponders on Forms:

  1. Here’s how to set this up:
  2. Set up a Landing Page for ‘successful opt in’
  3. Set up a Form Handler
  4. Redirect Location should be the URL of the Landing Page from Step 1
  5. Set up a piece of Dynamic Content
  6. With variations based on your opt out field value
  7. Content along the lines of “you are currently unsubscribed from our emails, to opt back in, click here”
  8. For the link, use the URL of the form handler with the following appended to the end of the URL:

9. In your existing autoresponders, add in the dynamic content

Not Using Autoresponders on Forms

Use a conditional completion action to send an email which contains a resubscribe link – be aware that this email should not contain any marketing material. Opted-out Prospects still receive autoresponders from forms, so this is the most straightforward method of providing visibility of your Prospect’s consent status.

Other options

Something that has been discussed on the roadmap for Account Engagement (and should be coming in 2024, fingers crossed!), is Operational Email Sending for Engagement Programs. This would enable the use of an automated resubscribe program for Prospects that could check a custom resubscribe field on a form. However, remember to take considerations around the timing of sent emails into account. I would also caution against using this capability to encourage resubscribes from Prospects who have not requested it.

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