Have Your Say in the Future of Salesforce on the IdeaExchange

by Sarah Kelleher - June 20, 2019
Have Your Say in the Future of Salesforce on the IdeaExchange

Ever thought “I wish Salesforce did this” or “Why doesn’t Pardot do that”? Well, you aren’t alone! Over 1.7 million upvotes have been cast on Salesforce Ideas over the last 12 years.

The IdeaExchange is a forum where users can submit suggestions for improvements or changes they’d like to see. Product teams review the most popular ideas and eventually they could become reality. In fact, Ideas have resulted in the delivery of over 2000 features.

Ideas range from small UI tweaks up to complex changes in functionality and brand new features. Of course, some of these ideas take longer than others to become reality. For example, the suggestion to have dynamic page layouts in Salesforce is the most requested feature and has taken 11 years to make it into a working pilot!

The IdeaExchange is currently being revamped, so for now you can access it in the Success Community but a brand new feedback platform is due to be launched at Dreamforce this year. A great way to get involved is to browse through Ideas by product and vote for your favourites. If you want to create a new Idea, make sure it has plenty of information. Include exactly what you’d like to see changed and why. Other users are far more likely to vote for well-formed ideas than vague suggestions:

Good Idea: “The Pardot preference center should have an option where the prospect can globally opt in to receiving email again. Pursuing this option should properly update both Pardot and Salesforce (if the record is synced) to allow the user request easily and automatically.” (vote for this idea here if you agree).

Bad Idea: “Salesforce navigation should be better” (not a real Idea, I’m not here to name and shame!)

Get Started

If you need somewhere to start, take a look at some of the Pardot team’ favourite Ideas which still need a few more votes to make it in to Product Team Review:

Source: Salesforce

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