Marketing Cloud Has Renamed Its Products – Including Pardot

by Zoe Fisher - May 06, 2022
Marketing Cloud Has Renamed Its Products – Including Pardot

You may have seen on social media, any newsletters you subscribe to, or even on my recent blog, that Pardot has been renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. Here is a more detailed overview of the change, as this is something that is changing across the Marketing Cloud suite.

Renamed products

Pardot is not the only Marketing Cloud product to get a name change. The whole suite has had a rebrand, as you can see below:

Former Names

 New Names

Salesforce CDP Customer Data Platform
Interaction Studio Personalization
Messaging & Journeys Engagement
Pardot Account Engagement
Ad Studio Advertising
Pardot Account Engagement
Datorama Intelligence

The theme across the board is that the products are being renamed to describe the solution that the product provides. This should make it easier for new customers or existing customers considering new products to find the tool that they need.

Currently, Account Engagement is still “Powered by Pardot” and will remain with this messaging until later in 2022. This also goes for all of the products outlined above.

Why there are new names

Salesforce has explained in this article that there are three key reasons:

  1. Make it easier for marketers to understand the capabilities of the products, by using language commonly used by marketers.
  2. Promote the unifying of products and being able to share data across the business with better integrations.
  3. Ensure there is flexibility to describe the products as they are today and to encapsulate innovations and expanded capabilities moving forwards.

When this is happening

The new names are out! These will be used moving forwards, you will notice that help articles and the platform still uses the former names. This has been indicated to change in late 2022, with no confirmation on a date yet.

You can still log into Pardot using the Pardot Lightning App, create Pardot emails and set up Pardot Scoring. This is likely to change, but for now, you will not see any updates on the platform.


Learn more about the Marketing Cloud suite of products by checking out Trailhead. For any support with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Powered by Pardot, get in touch to speak to one of our experts.

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