Here comes Salesforce Lightning!

by Jack Bailey-Grundy - June 26, 2018
Here comes Salesforce Lightning!

Here at Nebula, we’re all about Lightning – we’re using it ourselves and we’re advocating users to take a look and see how it could work for them.

Whether or not you are ready to make the switch, Salesforce’s summer release is packed with new Lightning functionality – but there are a couple of new features to watch out for.

Encourage Users to adopt Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning

If you have enabled Lightning for your users – whether you are switchers, adopters or just fancied a look at what Lightning was all about, you may have noticed that on a Monday morning, your users are automatically logged in to Lightning. This is great if you are hoping to make the change permanent – it’s how we encouraged our users to convert – but if you aren’t ready yet, this can be a bit confusing for your colleagues.

If you aren’t quite ready to make the change, never fear, this functionality can be deactivated in the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant in your setup menu. Whilst you are there though, why not run the readiness check and see just how close you are to being ready to make the most of a whole host of new productivity tools at your fingertips.

You may also find users asking more questions with Lightning, as many features in classic now load up with a “Why this is better in Lightning” walkthrough guide.

So if you want to keep one step ahead of your teams and learn more about transitioning to Lightning, why not get in touch?


Lightning-only in new instances of Salesforce

Not one that too many existing users need to be too concerned about – but a sign of the future. Some newly provisioned Salesforce orgs are being made Lightning only. Admin users can still configure in Classic if needed, but end users will only have a Lightning experience to work from. Whilst we don’t expect users to be forced to use Lightning for the foreseeable future, it’s another indicator that if you want the latest features, you need to be planning your upgrade to the Lightning interface.

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