CPQ Price Rules – What Are They?

by Lahcen Atik - September 26, 2023
CPQ Price Rules – What Are They?

In Salesforce CPQ, Price Rules are mechanisms used to adjust product prices based on predefined conditions. These rules ensure that the quotes you give to your customers are accurate, and consider various factors and business logic that might impact the final price.

Why do you need this feature?

Price Rules allow you to automate price adjustments based on various conditions. For instance, if a specific product is added to a quote, you can then offer a discount on another related product.

Price rules can be used in many different ways and scenarios so you could : 

  1. Apply Discount to a Quote Line based on certain conditions.
  2. Bundling Discounts: Provide a discount when customers buy multiple related products together.
  3. Promotional Discounts: Offer time-limited price adjustments during promotional or sales campaigns. 
  4. Loyalty or Membership Discounts: Adjust prices based on the customer’s loyalty status or membership level.


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Price Rules in Action

Implementing Price Rules in Salesforce CPQ involves a combination of setting conditions and actions to ensure that your desired adjustments are applied correctly. This feature helps automate complex pricing scenarios, which in turn provides businesses with flexibility in their pricing strategies whilst ensuring accurate adjustments are applied. 


Let’s dive into the main features of a price rule

The Price Condition record is the IF portion of the if/then combo. The price condition looks at the quote and its related records to decide IF the rule needs to run. It’s like a test that can only pass or fail. If it passes, this is when CPQ springs into action. 

The Price Action is the THEN portion of the if/then combo. It tells CPQ exactly which field needs to change and how to change it. 

The above is only a general description of how price rules can be applied when using Salesforce CPQ.


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