Analytics for Marketing in Salesforce fashion

by Dorottya Dvorak - July 19, 2022
Analytics for Marketing in Salesforce fashion

With Salesforce’s Analytics Studio, it is no longer difficult to create a connection between marketing execution and performance. However, there are times when the out-of-the-box B2B Marketing dashboards in Analytics Studio are just not enough. That’s when our Analytics team steps in.

Over the past years, we have built several marketing solutions in Salesforce Analytics Studio. In this blog post, we will share a few of our favourites, showing what is possible for marketers. We plan to showcase more details in a future deep dive so stay tuned!


Custom Lifecycle Report

Although the Pipeline Dashboard provides a great overview of the lifecycle funnel, it only works if a company is using the standard definitions.

(Source: Trailhead)

When that was the case, we helped our customers by building datasets and dashboards based on their custom requirements.


Overview of Potential Customers

As a way to take lead qualification to another level, companies often categorise potential customers under different personas. For example, whether it is based on their job titles or role hierarchy, it’s valuable for enhanced segmentation.

The dashboard we have built is using that persona information, providing an overview of their potential customer pipeline. There we displayed their product interest, Pardot activity level as well as their campaign membership.

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Webinar Performance

Unfortunately, we can’t connect webinar platforms such as Zoom or GoToWebinar to Analytics Studio through a native connector. So, in order to find a solution, we have designed a process in which webinar data can meet Salesforce data in one dashboard. That dashboard, embedded into the Salesforce campaign page, now provides high value to webinar performance analysis.


Marketing Performance

By combining data from Salesforce and Google Analytics, we have built a dashboard to view all marketing-related information. No more exported spreadsheets and hours spent on manual analysis, this interactive dashboard can show all the website marketing-related details.


Benchmarking Business Units

In global enterprises with Business Units, it is essential to have an extensive dashboard for benchmarking. With that created, our customers can easily compare business units based on different metrics. The information we have included were related to marketing campaign performance, lead generation as well as prospect database.


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