Migrating to Pardot Business Units: Blog Series

by Sarah Kelleher - November 17, 2021
Migrating to Pardot Business Units: Blog Series

Pardot Business Units were introduced in 2019, which has created a fantastic opportunity for more complex enterprise organisations to use Pardot effectively. However, Business Units aren’t a silver bullet that will solve every problem. So you should only implement this feature where there is a clear need.

The migration process requires careful consideration to achieve success and there are many pitfalls and trip hazards along the way! But that’s why partners, like Nebula, are here to help you navigate the decisions and planning involved in migrating to Business Units.

I’ve worked on a few Business Unit migration projects now, some quick and easy, some lasting years. In this Migrating to Pardot Business Units blog series, we’ll be looking at the migration process to answer the following questions:

Check out this series if you are considering migrating to Pardot Business Units or already planning your migration project. And if you are looking for expert help to make your migration smooth sailing, drop us a note today.

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